The Company

Thanks to its almost 30 years of activity, MICROMETAL s.r.l. manufactures technical items made of primary Zinc alloy (Zamak), die-casting and micro-die-casting on third account; it stands out for its high specialization both in locks and automotive industries.

Research, development and innovation: the three key-words that summarize Micrometal’s approach to its mission, representing the core elements to optimize each process and reach the ambitious objective ZERO DEFECTS, reachable only through 100% control on each production step.

Micrometal’s job already begins with the Design activity: supported by 3D prototyping and implemented in strict cooperation with the customer, in order to exactly transfer to the Technical Department all the necessary details and avoid any complication connected with the die-casting process.

Special attention is given to the identification of optimal shapes, thickness feasibility and necessary tapers. Last but not least, the position of the sprue, runner, extractors, and flashes, in order to guarantee the mechanical function of the finished product and respect the design of the visible parts.
Through the executive drawings coming from the previous activity, it is possible to obtain the engineering, giving the exact evaluation of the detail and get the proper quotation.

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